Henry Alodha a sanitation marketing officer with Alliance Water Solutions (AWASO) in both Busoga region and central Uganda says SATO products are easy to explain to sanitation beneficiaries that include households, schools, lodges, Churches among others because of their functionality, Visibility and affordability. It has proved to be a profitable venture to sales agents like him whom we supply SATOS at a low cost of less than £4 and they sell it at $8 including installation.

Because of the profit margin, Henry said that “He is able to pay house rent, meals and transport to the field and other things as deem necessary. Like any other business, Henry is challenged with people who poorly installs SATO’S without professionalism at times the beneficiaries are the culprit to this vice after buying them from stores, weak latrine floors and clients who don’t want to honor their debts. Alliance Water Solutions is promoting three types of SATO products, these include SATO PANS, SATO FLEX PANS and SATO STOOL. SATO’S are Toilets that use a mechanical and water seals to close off transmission from open air. It’s being promoted where squatting and pit latrines are used and it reduces disease transmission from flying insects that come into contact with human waste especially Trachoma and intestinal worms, it also eases gulping during emptying when the latrine are full as well as reducing throwing of sold materials into the latrine

It’s a hygienic way of improving lives in communities with affordable resources, they are easy to transport and save 80% water per flush by using less than 500ml of water and the polished surface is easy to clean which fulfills the vision and mission of AWASO  a “Clean environment, clean water a disease free community”