Our Vision

Clean Environment, Clean Water a Disease Free Community.

Our mission

To empower people to own, manage and sustain water and sanitation facilities

Alliance Water Solutions (AWASO)


Alliance Water Solutions (AWASO) is a non-profit social enterprise organization established in Uganda. It was founded in 2014 to prevent the spread of Trachoma and Schistosomiasis through Implementation, Operation, Maintenance and Management of Piped water and Sanitation facilities. We compliment, consolidate and enhance the efforts of communities, Community Based Organization (CBOs), Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and local government in an integrated and sustainable manner so as to secure and provide safe water of adequate quantity and quality, better hygiene and sanitation for all.


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Beat NTDs: For Good. For All

Alliance Water Solutions (AWASO)  has joined the rest of the world and organizations across countries to celebrate the first ever world NTD day.

The organization will increase awareness to the local communities that are more vulnerable with Trachoma and Schistosomiasis (Bilharzia). These have claimed lives and impaired our people and development.

“You too can do something.”

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