‘‘When Nature Calls, We Listen and Act’’

When one hears the word “Urban” he gets full excitement. But it becomes a different story to others. During my field sanitation promotion with Alliance Water Solutions (AWASO), I met Binti who migrated from western region to Locomotive village in Jinja district that was designated for railway workers in search for employment. During our interaction, she regrets staying in this area.

Binti said “she rents one small room in a water logged area of which it becomes worse during rainy season. The worst bit of all; she shares a latrine with over 20 households within the same block area”. The latrine is surrounded by water full of mosquitoes; children and other irresponsible neighbors defecate on the floor. Besides, the latrine is now full. When I followed her up to offer emptying services to her village, she was by then admitted in a private clinic because of typhoid and diarrhea. I was touched, because she couldn’t afford the hospital which was expensive, with great pain she said, that perhaps if she had people to support her rent another better area that is not water logged, with a private toilet to minimize diseases she will be happy, this will reduce on recurring infections and expenses

According to Binti’s story, it is on a sad note that most people in urban areas have not yet realized the worth of being in “Urban”.  Good sanitation is not a guarantee to all population more especially those in slum areas though efforts to improve on them is necessary

  • It’s hard to keep proper hygiene of cleaning one or two latrines for over 30 households
  • It is very hard to construct latrines or toilets now and then due to filling up in a short period of time because of absolute poverty
  • There are rampant diseases and high death rates
  • When nature demands, it is not a surprise seeing feaces spread around
  • Nasty fecal smell is common

As Alliance Water Solutions joins the world to commemorate the 5th World Toilet day in Buwenge, Jinja district on 19th November 2018. Our greatest desire is to have a disease free community that have improved toilets both at household and community level that are washable, smell free with no flies. This can be achieved through:

  • Construction of household Smart Flesh water borne toilets
  • Construction and management of public Smart Flesh water borne toilets
  • Pit treatment to reduce bad odor
  • Pit and septic tank emptying
  • Health education in churches, mosques, schools and community for improved sanitation.

‘‘When Nature Calls, We Listen and Act’’

Nampiina Elise

Sanitation Promoter