When one hears the word gulper, questions may start roaming up in his mind. In the business world today, pit latrine emptying has come up. It is really paying because there is great rise in population and so there is great need. Different people and organizations have come up with various methods to deal with feacal sludge for instance chemicals that are commonly used now days. Hear arises the question “are those chemicals efficient enough” my opinion is no because of the research that there is negative effect they cause to the longevity of the latrine. The latrine can easily get damaged.

Due to that research, here comes the “gulper”, the long awaited solution to faecal matter.it is one of the easiest methods used to empty lined pit and latrines in particular.

It is along PVC stainless steel hand pump that is used to collect feacial matter from the latrine. It is one of the methods that contributes positively in feacal sludge management (FSM).It’s manually used thus not automatically driven one has to fix it directly into the pit latrine and starts pumping as the sludge or feacal matter runs through the pump to the barrel for disposal. It’s very efficient because it has the potential to scoop the sludge to the satisfaction of the client.

The gulper doesn’t interfere with the environment. This is so because it does not have any pollution effect. Since it is hand driven, cases of accident in latrines are eliminated.one is safe and above all one enjoys doing his work. I acknowledge it and thus is also important for people to start welcoming it’s use. If people revise the effects of chemicals used in latrines, they should “think twice”. Life is precious, we should stop using chemicals. “We thank Water For People for gulper donation to Alliance Water Solutions”.


Photo Gallery (Gulper 3 model donated to Alliance Water Solutions from Water For People)