What We D o

Alliance Water Solutions began its operations in 2014 with a focus on the 10 districts of Busoga region; the region has low- income levels with increased disease burden as are result of poor sanitation among other factors. The situation analysis for the Trachoma control program, (F&E Module) Uganda, January 2014 report indicated that 22.7% of the households in Busoga region are practicing open defecation which has increased the prevalence for Trachoma in the region. The organization promotes hygiene and sanitation and safe water usage at household level through:


  • Provision of sustainable institutional/public water borne toilets in congested places where private sanitation facilities is difficult to achieve, such places include markets, landing sites, Tax/Bus parks, schools, health centers, churches, mosques among others
  • Promotion of WASH education through established community accepted institutions including but not limited to Churches, mosques, schools and organizations
  • Provision of sustainable piped safe water schemes to water stressed communities of good quantity using diverse technology customized to the community.
  • To Operate, Maintain and manage both existing and newly constructed piped water schemes and sanitation facilities for long term sustainability
  • Fostering long-term relationships through church relationships as we integrate the message of Christian living into our work

Our experienced professional team in engineering, social sciences and human resource has positioned us to offer a holistic community transformation approach with clear understanding of WASH facility functionality, service levels, financial viability and resource management. AWASO partners with both local and international organizations and aims to maximize its potential through the following;