Waste Plant

Bad waste management practices can result in land, water and air pollution and can cause a great adversative cost to the environment and society. On weekly basis Alliance Water Solutions Manages Solid waste in Jinja city, the process is a little tedious but requires focus since it’s our first phase of the waste management program. The “Clean up” phase focus on collection, transportation and proper disposal of both faecal and sold waste in their respective designated areas.

Solid waste management is a universal issue, governments over the years have made policies that promote cleanliness of communities all around the world, In Jinja city, rapid urbanization and population growth has created larger population centres, making the collection of all waste and the acquiring of land for disposal more difficult

Solid waste is collected from households and markets under the polluter pay policy that is being promoted in Jinja City. Though a number of companies on a daily basis are depositing tons of both organic and non-organic waste at the landfill in Masese, it was not designed to break down waste, but merely store them until the site is full which result in operational drawbacks and inefficiencies. It has short life expectancy, and new area will eventually have to be administered taking up land space for other developments.

Current waste management solutions are costly to maintain. The Landfill incur high operational costs throughout its lifespan, with further rehabilitation costs to mitigate the negative environmental impacts required upon its eventual closure. Additionally, additional costs are incurred across the value chain in the form of transportation, logistics, equipment and maintenance

Waste management industry has a large number of opportunities for growth, utilizing scores of wastes and transforming it into a usable product is a good business venture. Similar to the growing waste, the revenue in the waste management industry is also increasing.

Alliance Water Solutions will implement Phase II of the waste management program of building waste plant in jinja city to produce manures and feeds to boost agricultural productivity. The plant will focus on segregating recyclable waste from the lot this will be implemented under different business models and materials.  Details