Our Story

Alliance Water Solutions was founded with a passion to save the life of Fred Mwiru who was a resident of Busuyi-Bukapiti Village, Kiyunga parish, Mbulamuiti Sub County, Kamuli district. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Fred Mwiru was a friend, Village mate and a church member, by the time of his death; he was 28 years of age and passed on in 2009. He was succeeded with 3 younger children 1 boy and 2 girls who are still struggling with life up to now.

He died of a swollen stomach locally called “Kidada” and this is traditionally attributed to witch craft and at times poison,

we used to mobilize money to take him to hospital every now and then on top of prayers until he passed on, little did we know that it was Bilhazia taking our people because more four deaths of a similar type occurred in our parish. Our community is surrounded by swamps and open wells; many community members utilize them for rice growing, bathing and collect water for home use.

These deaths prompted us through Christ The Foundation Church to mobilize our members towards improving sanitation and use of clean safe water. However, our effort was on small scale and the impact was not much felt yet more areas especially landing sites, Islands and markets lack Health education and sanitation facilities. “One incident I cannot forget is when we visited with an American friend on Kimi Islands to sensitize them on clean water and improved sanitation, he got a stomach discomfort and wanted to go, but there was no  place of convenience, the community had a gazetted place for open defecation and we had to cancel the program to travel back on-land to help this brother who was now using a bag after every hour”