Our Ref: AWASO/203/09/021                                                               Date: 10th September 2021



The organization had a number of interventions in Jinja district, these include:-

  1. Latrine floor Improvement
  2. Solid Waste Management
  3. Fecal Sludge Management


  1. Latrine Floor improvement with Sato products and washable slabs


  • We have improved one latrine floor, installed 3 Sato’s at household level hence controlling bad smell, flies and enabling easy cleaning.


  • We carried our community awareness for latrine floor improvement in Walukuba and Butagaya Subounty


  1. Solid Waste Management

With support from Jinja City Council, we have sustained collection of solid waste and mobilized more people into the program. Currently, our areas of operation are;

  1. Walukuba West
  2. Factory Village
  3. Danida
  4. Masese
  5. Bugembe (Budhumbuli)
  6. Mafubira trading Center
  7. Kayunga Village
  8. Butiki Village
  9. Kaitabawala Village
  10. Sakabusolo Village
  11. Wakitaka Village
  12. Kyamagwa Village


  • Improved sanitation in the communities since we clear illegal dumping areas through organizing cleanup days and Installing No dumping signposts.
  • The Solid waste management program has attracted job opportunities for the youth.
  • Disease reduction as a result of garbage packaging at household visa-vie scattering and heaping it
  • Program acceptance. There is improved positivity in the mindset of people in regard to the program observed through their commitment to pay garbage collection fees, waiting for the garbage truck on appointed days and advising their fellows to be part of the program.



  • High cost of operations due to increased fuel costs yet garbage charges remains fixed
  • Some customers don’t want to pay because they think it’s a government responsibility
  • Due to Covid-19 lockdown, many businesses closed and customers are overwhelmed with arrears.
  • Poor road network to dumping areas hence Truck break down and delays.
  • Lack of enforcement to restrain defaulters
  • Some people stealthily dispose waste in illegal dumping areas that we had previously cleared.


  1. Fecal Sludge Management


  1. With the continued Support from USHA, the organization emptied 23 sanitation facilities as shown below in Jinja district/City period July-August 2021 and increased awareness for fecal sludge emptying services.
Client type Household Health facilities Hotels Total
Total number 26 1 (Aids Information Center) 1(Wanyama) 28
Number of barrels 245 25 17 287




  1. Jinja Waste Treatment Plant


AWASO in partnership with USHA has secured funding to improve NWSC treatment plant to accommodate feacal sludge, a concept note has been shared and agreed upon


  • Reusable Latrine after emptying
  • Safe fecal disposal
  • Reduction of open defecation
  • Reduced NTDs transmission especially Trachoma and Bilharzia
  • Employment opportunities



  • Inadequate disposal site to handle well feacal sludge
  • Lack of enforcement by local council and Health inspectorate
  • Increased manual empting
  • Lack of sanitation prioritization by communities
  • Effect of Covid-19 lockdown






  • Signing of MoU Between NWSC,USHA &Alliance Water Solutions
  • Develop project design and construction of Jinja treatment plant to accommodate feacal sludge
  • Promotion of improved latrine floor and construction of emptyable latrines through market based approach
  • Continued support in waste management
  • Identification of non-functional water facilities (Boreholes) in Jinja district



Thank You